Hull and East Yorkshire
for Europe

The Hull and East Yorkshire for Europe Branch of the European Movement believes in the importance of the United Kingdom being within the European Union. We firmly believe in the fact that membership of the European Union helps safeguard our rights and freedoms, as well as provide social and economic partnerships that otherwise would be difficult, expensive or impossible.

Our primary goal is for the United Kingdom to remain in the European Union under their current membership terms. We will only seek the next “best deal” when remaining is not legally achievable. We aim to inform and convince a majority of our fellow citizens about the advantages of being in the EU and the dangers of Brexit.

We work to facilitate discussion, share ideas, promote and to lead projects that give a voice to those sympathetic to our mission.

We are a party-politically neutral organisation. We are not apolitical but we welcome members of political parties and members of none – all we ask is that you share our deep concern for the rights and freedoms of UK citizens living in the UK and in the EU and EU citizens living in the UK. We value unity and we recognise that the threat of Brexit is a crisis that will affect all walks of life, and all political colours.

We are an independent organisation affiliated to the European Movement