Hull and East Yorkshire
for Europe

Report's Executive Summary

The A63/Castle Street is the main route East/West through the City of Hull to the Port of Hull

This route is badly in need of an upgrade and the Government have put back improvements over a considerable period of time – 47,000 vehicles per day

Heavy traffic + accidents/breakdowns can rapidly can quickly create gridlock on both the A63 and surrounding roads

The average number of trucks using the A63 per day is 184

Leaving the Customs Union will create far greater “friction” and, therefore, far greater holdups inside the dock area

Once the dock area is full of waiting lorry + containers and separate containers there is no where else to park them other than onto the road system around the dock

Once full if the lorries waiting for Customs clearance are parked on the A63 (as per the M20 when Dover cannot move lorries) the potential queue will grow by 3.3kms per day

It will take just 4 days to reach David Davis's Parliamentary Constituency

If this was to happen the traffic flow through and in the city would rapidly grind to a halt

Leaving the Customs Union and the affect on
travelling on the Hull road network


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